Windham Moving Company You Can Trust

Finding the best Windham moving company is no easy task. Let our team of expert movers take the stress of your plate and organize everything for you. First-Rate Moving & Storage is a locally owned and operated moving company in Windham, NH. We have been in business for years, proudly serving the area of Windham, NH with all the local needs.

As the name suggests, First Rate Moving provides moving services that are second to none! With exceptional service and customer care that goes the extra mile, we have garnered a reputation as one of the best Windham moving companies.

Contact First Rate Moving for exceptional moving services today!

All you need to do is pick up the phone and call us at (800) 209-3917. Talk to one of our friendly team members, tell us what you need, and we’ll immediately start working on a tailor-made moving plan.

You can also book a free estimate. We offer both virtual and in-person surveys to provide you with an estimate that is quick and accurate.

Take control of your relocation and choose a company that can guarantee fast, affordable, and stress-free moving. Experience moving like never before when you partner with First Rate Moving.

#1 Local Windham Moving Company

Don’t take local moves easy – they can be as challangeing as long-distance ones. Let First Rate Moving take away the stress off your hands. We prioritize care and precision in every move, no matter the size.

We train our movers consitently to ensure the best moving experience for our clients. With a single point of contact, there will not be ringing phones and your local Windham, NH will be handled with perfect. Trust us to meet your goals and make your move in our out of Windham, NH a success. Contact us today!

Why Choose Us - Best Windham Moving Company

At First Rate Moving, we have a clear and meaningful vision – to enhance the moving industry for both clients and movers alike. We aspire to make a positive impact on the industry by offering exceptional service and creating a stress-free moving experience for our clients.

We also strive to create a work environment that values and supports our team of movers, providing them with the resources and tools necessary to deliver outstanding service.

This dream started when our founder, Jay, noticed issues while working for a small moving company in Boston.

He saw that moving companies made it harder for clients and movers, even when better options were available.

So with the help of other experienced movers, who were also dedicated to this dream company, First Rate Moving was founded.

The core idea was never to stop learning and to continue improving with every job. And the only way to do this was to listen to clients and movers.

Within the first year, First Rate Moving was a significant success. With hundreds of happy client reviews and a loyal pool of customers, it was clear that this model was working.

And now, with over 10 years of experience, First Rate Moving is one of the best moving companies in Windham.

We provide comprehensive service packages, exceptional customer care, and moving services that are adjusted according to specific needs.

With us, you will experience moving like never before.

Without the burden of stress or financial strain, you will be able to fondly look back at your time with us. Settle into your new home, call us for our other moving services, and watch the magic happen.

All you have to do is contact us. Let First rate Moving provide you with a first-rate moving experience. It’s that easy!

Windham Moving Services By First Rate Moving & Storage

From commercial moving to commercial snow removal, First Rate Moving has got you covered.

Please choose from our variety of services and let our experienced and professional movers take care of the heavy lifting.

You won’t have to deal with hidden fees when working with First Rate Moving. We focus on honest service and ensure you know what you are paying for at all times.

Don’t let moving get you down. Not when you can have First Rate Moving as your side.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving has broken many amateur moving companies, and with good reason – it’s challenging. But what sets us apart from these moving companies is experience.

First Rate Moving has the knowledge to handle your commercial move. We’ll plan, organize your retail space, and ensure that no equipment is damaged or inventory is lost. And most importantly, we’ll keep your downtime to a minimum.

Residential Moving

We understand residential moving is complicated. Letting strangers in your home is uncomfortable, and it becomes even more problematic if you have kids or pets.

We always provide careful residential moving services and empathetic customer care. We’ll lighten the mental and physical load of your residential move and leave you to say goodbye to your old home and hello to your new one.

Apartment Moving

Apartment moving jobs break many new moving companies. Ramps, elevators, stairs, and cramped hallways can make moving difficult.

But it becomes infinitely more manageable if you have the experience we do. No matter how complex your apartment move, First Rate Moving can handle it.

We’ll get you from point A to point B and ensure nothing is lost or damaged during the apartment move.

Long-Distance Moving

Long distance moving gives commercial moving a run for its money regarding difficulty. Luckily, we’re masters at both.

No matter the distance, we can get you there.

With our professional equipment, serviced trucks, and licensed movers, you won’t have to worry about roadside delays or amateur moving.

We’ll take the fastest and safest route and get you settled in your new space in the blink of an eye.

Vault Storage

Whether you are doing renovations or need a storage unit while moving, First Rate Moving has got you covered.

Our storage units are safe, clean, and temperature controlled to ensure none of your belongings are damaged.

Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are heavy, and any damage could cost you hundreds of dollars. That’s why choosing a moving company that knows how to handle these beauties is essential.

First Rate Moving knows the ins and outs of pool tables. We can assemble and disassemble your table and safely deliver it to your chosen destination. No muss, no fuss.

Spa Moving Services

Spa moving from hot tubs to jacuzzis requires strong arms and creative minds. We have both.

Whether you need help moving spa equipment from one shop to another or want to move a hot tub to your home, First Rate Moving can take care of it for you. We have the equipment and the experience to handle it without hassle.

Commercial Snow Removal

Snowy weather and commercial success very rarely work well together. But without snow removal services, you can remove snow from your commercial space and the stress from your life.

With fast, affordable, and experienced service, we guarantee your satisfaction.