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#1 Local Moving Company In Salem

First Rate Moving has over a decade of moving experience with hundreds of delighted customers! But we didn’t become this successful with luck.

It took a lot of hard work. Work that was started by First Rate Moving’s founder, Jay. After working for a small moving company in Boston, Jay realized how hard moving was on clients and fellow movers.

But he believed it didn’t need to be this difficult. After this realization, Jay founded First Rate Moving with one mission: to improve the faulty moving practices deeply ingrained in the moving industry.

With the help of like-minded and experienced movers, First Rate Moving took off and became an almost overnight success!
With our experienced movers and ability to communicate with our clients, we established our flow: we listen, learn, and get better with every move we complete.

Clients appreciate the hard work and dedication First Rate Moving provides. It’s why so many clients repeatedly choose our service and refer us to friends and family.

First Rate Moving guarantees first-rate service every single time. We are the moving help dreams are made off. We can be that help to you!

All you need to do is give us a call. Whatever your moving needs are, we guarantee we can satisfy them. So, work with the best movers in Salem, and enjoy a smooth, easy move.

Salem Moving Services By First Rate Moving & Storage

Besides moving, money is a major contributing factor to relocation stress. That’s why at First Rate Moving, we provide moving services that are comprehensive and affordable.

First Rate Moving always aims to lighten the load, including mental weight. We are experienced and know how to move. It’s how we ensure every one of our services is top tier.

We’ll make sure to save your money where we can. We’ll move quickly, pack things tightly when we load, and only recommend services we believe you need.

You’ll also be safe from hidden fees. We’ll only charge you for the services you use and never add unnecessary fluff to your bill.

First Rate Moving is dedicated to making your move easy, which goes much further than just moving your belongings.

We will work to make your life easier every step of the way.

Contact us today, and experience a first-rate move in or around Salem.

Commercial Moving

Commercial moving is considered one of the most challenging moving projects. Without a professional project manager and a steady and creative team, you risk damaging equipment or losing inventory.

We understand this, and we make sure to plan every tiny detail. First Rate Moving will ensure your commercial move is organized, your equipment is safe, and your downtime is kept to a minimum.

Residential Moving

Letting strangers in your home can be uncomfortable. Allowing them to handle your belongings and move your valuables can be daunting. We know this and work hard to make you feel at ease.

First Rate Moving provides residential moving services that are comprehensive and sympathetic. Whether you have kids or are moving for the first time, we’ll make sure to handle your valuables with care.

Apartment Moving

Stairs, ramps, elevators, and cramped hallways are all things that can make apartment moving tough. Fortunately, our experience comes in very handy here.

First Rate Moving movers have the training and experience to navigate even the most demanding conditions. We’ll be fast and ensure the safety of your valuables in even the most challenging apartment building.

Long-Distance Moving

Long-distance moving isn’t for the faint of heart. Lucky for you, First Rate Movers specialize in jobs that feel impossible.

First Rate Movers plans ahead. We’ll choose the fastest and safest route and ensure all your belongings are delivered just as you left them. Our movers are also licensed; you won’t have to worry about reckless driving or roadside accidents.

Vault Storage

Whether your move is taking longer than expected or you need a safe space to store your valuables during renovations, First Rate Moving’s vault storage is your best option for secure storage.

Temperature-controlled and extremely safe, our vault storage options are the best and most affordable.

Pool Table Moving

Pool tables are heavy, and setting them up requires quite a bit of leveling and knowledge. First Rate Moving has that knowledge.

We’ll disassemble and assemble your pool table and transport it safely, all for an affordable price.

Spa Moving Services

With top-of-the-range moving equipment and experienced movers, First Rate Moving can move your spa equipment quickly and safely.

Whether you are moving your spa to a different venue or want the equipment in your home, we can handle it all.

Commercial Snow Removal

You’ll need commercial snow removal to keep your business up and running during snowy weather.

First Rate Moving has the equipment and experience to clear paths and roads to ensure nothing stands in the way of your commercial endeavors.